Orthophotographic survey procedure for the interior façades of the Van Buuren Museum

David Lo Buglio, Denis Derycke (juin 2009)

Communication publiée lors du colloque Hybrid Architectural Archives: Creating, Managing and Using Digital Archives, NAI, Rotterdam, juin 2009.

Abstract : The present article focuses on the creation of digital archives of historical buildings (built heritage) rather than on the processing of the archives themselves. Eventually, our work aims to develop an inexpensive process based on the use of quick and easy equipment for the creation of multi-use documents-surveys, which can be used as a restoration tool and architectural and historical analysis, and finally, for the archiving or storing of digital imprints of common or unusual Brussels typologies, in collaboration with the Department of Historical Sites an Monuments of the Brussels Region, and as a support tool for that body. Although the topic in question falls within the scope of archiving or information storage, we do not actually become involved in the processing of those archives. The process which we are developing here seeks to be rigorous, well-documented and conforming to current usage in terms of the exchange and lasting quality of the data. Nevertheless, while carrying out the survey process, we will give some thought to the problem of accessing the documents produced via the very schematic interactive 3D representations of the architectural object under study. Our line of thought is therefore at a stage upstream of the archive classification procedures, and relates to the relevant transcription of the architectural heritage object into digital archives, in accordance with specifically defined available resources and according to the exact potential use of the documents produced. Generally speaking, our survey process consists of systematically producing images which are a hybrid of the geometrical elevation and the photography, in other words, an  orthophotograph. By way of a reminder, orthophotography, as we understand it, may be compared to a geometrically corrected photograph, enabling the coordinate points of the photograph to match the  corresponding point on the surveyed elevation. The result obtained is equivalent to a photographic orthogonal projection of this elevation.

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Orthophotographic survey procedure for the interior façades of the Van Buuren Mu (pdf)

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